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Talk Virtual

So, what had happened was. . . . .

Hi there!
I’m Ericka Bates, I Help busy business coaches / event planners who want to host attention grabbing virtual summits and make money while creating great content they can repurpose.

I’ve always wanted to host events! I could just look at a space and imagine all the grand events that could happen there, but I was always told no when I ask to rent a venue.

Then one day while hanging out on AppSumo, (A deal site for SAAS products.) I found HeySummit. (A virtual event platform.) They offered a bootcamp on organizing online events, I joined! My take away from all of this was: The Internet Has Never Told me No! So, I now host events online & help others do it to!

I LOVE Events! Especially Virtual Summits that are Enrollment Events! Virtual Summits are online events. A small Virtual Summit will have 10 to 12 Speakers & 1 to 5
Sponsors if any at all. An Enrollment Event will last between 1 or 3 days, 8 to 10 hours per day. They also come w/ a High Ticket Offer $6,000 & up.
What I like most about Virtual Summits that are Enrollment events are:

– You as the host will be associated with leaders in your field!

– You as the host will be known as the go to expert in
your niche!

– You get to build your community & email list at the same time!

– This model brings in the most money for business coaches!

I love helping clients:

  • Going over your virtual summit goals
  • Narrowing down & finding their target audience
  • Coming up with topic & sub categories
  • Choosing a virtual summit platform(s)
  • Creating a strategy
  • Setting up the platform(s)
  • Finding Speakers & Sponsors
  • Promoting
  • Repurposing content

In addition to helping clients with virtual summits: Talk Virtual is a live streaming talk show for Coaches, Consultants, Event planners, Experts, SaaS owners, Teachers, Thought leaders & Trainers!

The conversations are about virtual summit strategies, virtual summit tech and our guest!
Our conversation last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. The goal with the show is to show fellow coaches that it’s possible to host your own virtual summit!

The show comes with a Private Facebook Community:  Coaches, Host Engaging & Profitable Virtual Summits Consider joining, we’d love to meet, hangout & network with you!

Hosting an event?

Help is available before, during & after you host your first or next virtual summit! Help comes in the form of Consulting, Teaching, Hands On Training & Done For You Services. We’ll talk trough who your target audience is, where to find them & how to reach out to them. Pairing the right speakers with your event & guest. Pricing your event & delivering value to your guest, speakers & sponsors. It’s okay to ask for help when you need it, We’re happy to help, because we love events!

Want a video on how to Prepare
to host a Virtual summit?

We got a free one for you right here + download the check list that goes along with it!

10pt. check list on setting up a virtual summit! This will show you 1 way of getting things done! + There’s a bonus point in there for ya!