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December 2021


Owner, The Essential Link Business Coaching and Training Network Testimonial: Ericka is amazing!! I have been in her mastermind group for over six months. I needed insights, actions to move forward, and a place to receive ideas. Her group and her leadership as kept me going these days. Thank you Ericka for caring and giving so much. Folks if you are out there and need some help — Ericka’s wisdom… Read More »MICHAEL GRABOW


Principal Hydrogeologist and Groundwater Trainer Testimonial: I have known Ericka for several years now through our weekly mastermind group and various online collaborations. She is an excellent resource for all things virtual summit as she is well-connected, an excellent researcher, and has great organizational skills. She is really amazing at finding software solutions for various challenges in the ever-evolving world of online conferences and virtual summits. Putting on a virtual… Read More »THOMAS BALLARD


Lead Generation Funnel Efficiency Coach and Strategist Testimonial: Recently, I worked with Ericka Bates as a strategist on my virtual summit. She informed me that she had a way of doing things for the event that she thought I might be interested in doing. As a lead generation strategist, I am always looking for anything cost-effective that works and her strategy fit the bill. Once we employed Ericka’s strategy for… Read More »JOE SAYLES, JR.